A few leading edge companies are able to keep up, but the vast majority of more traditional firms are lagging behind. These companies are working harder than ever, trying to achieve greater efficiencies and predictability. They keep trying to fit new technologies and practices into old business models. This is a holdover strategy that worked well in the relatively stable business environments of the industrial economy but falls short in our fast changing digital economy, where new products, business models and competitors keep emerging from all corners of the worlds.

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1clickCV launches to help jobseekers find jobs faster

Congratulations to Careerleaf partner, UK-based 247 Media Ltd who today launch their new 1clickCV is a free service allowing Job Seekers to create their own online CV with a unique URL that they can send to prospective employers across any job board.  In tandem with the launch of 1clickCV, 247Recruit has also introduced a new “Apply with 1clickCV” allowing Job Seekers to use their 1clickCV to apply instantly on a number of job boards including:

Read more about the launch on the following sites:

Infographic: Work is not a place, it’s a thing you do

Great article today in Workshifting about flexible work environments.  The impact of which are summarized nicely by author Brett Caine:

"Clearly, workplaces are not all the same, but I believe companies and employees both perform better when flexibility is in the equation. In fact, our latest infographic, “Work Is Not a Place,” takes a refreshing look at real mobile workstyle benefits experienced by companies and people around the world. (Look for the infographic below.)"

Be sure to check out the full infographic below by Workshifting and read their great full article here.

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Careerleaf Now Extends Job Search to Your Favourite Mobile Device


Toronto, Ontario - We’re very excited to announce today that we have just released our latest iteration of Careerleaf.  Now job seekers and partners can take job search with them anywhere ~ phone, tablet or PC.

Read the “official” announcement here

Also picked up on over 150+ sites, including:

Take #JobSearch Mobile

The world is mobile and information is pushed to our fingertips every minute. We have the ability to respond to people in an instant. For your job search this can make it feel more competitive when you feel others may be “getting there first”. As more and more job seekers are able to find, see and respond to the same jobs we are left to ask: "How do I stay on top of it all?".

Our instinct, too often, is to reply to opportunities immediately, and although technology makes it really easy to do so, it doesn’t necessarily make it the best way to present yourself. When responding to a new job opportunity it’s always best to have a focused, well researched and well presented message.

When you’re on the go, and focused on other things, it is not always easy to present yourself best.

So how can you keep on top of the opportunities, and be sure to follow up professionally?

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During the job search, it’s important to be both a critic and a marketer of your own work. Transform your employment search by repeatedly evaluating its effectiveness and avoid making mistakes.

What’s the best job search advice you would offer first-time or out-of-practice job seekers?

Check out Afifa’s article in Business Insider from earlier today, where she talks about 7 things to not do when in a job search.